Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Some time ago, the Oi! Thump! Meditation Squad meditated on the bit of apparent police brutality that occurred during this past spring's infamous Oiler "riots." The OTMS duly noted that Chief Boyd had an opportunity to step up and perhaps improve relations between the local cops and Edmontonians. Apparently, he has done so! Witness this happy bit of news:

Chief orders hearing into Whyte arrest
Says review of possible misconduct ‘in the public interest’
Published: Monday, November 20, 2006

Edmonton police Chief Mike Boyd has ordered a hearing under the Police Act into the arrest of a woman who claims she was manhandled by police on Whyte Avenue after a playoff game in June.

"Claims she was manhandled", my ass. She was manhandled, and there's photographic proof of that. Anyway, the purpose of this is not to bash on people, but rather to say "well done" to the Chief, who is showing every sign so far of having been a good hire. He has, in this case, correctly identified "the public interest," and we all hope he keeps it up.

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