Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Todays's Wanna-Be Premier


Lyle Oberg

  • Who He?: MLA since 1993, and has held a number of cabinet portfolios. Recently booted out of the Tory caucus, then bizarrely reinstated. Was a medical doctor in private life, a fact which he is apparently quite fond of pointing out to people.

  • Why Should Progressives Support Him?: There's nothing particularly odious in his campaign platform (beyond his stance on youth justice - see below), although there's not much to make progressives stand up and cheer either. He's not afraid to speak his mind, either, even when doing so gets him in hot water.

  • Why Should We Not?: Well, he did stoop to indulge in the anti-youth silliness at a recent campaign forum, for which he was rightly slapped down by Dave Hancock and Gary MacPherson. He also has a reputation for being belligerent and confrontational, and not just in political circles either (there have long been tales of Obergian bad behaviour in pubs around the Legislature Building). In short, there's a pretty good supply of evidence that he's an asshole.

  • Is He Likely To Pick Fights With Homeless People?: Oh my, yes. And probably with everybody else, too.

  • How are his chances?: Poor, since nobody really likes him, and he keeps sticking his foot in his mouth. He could, conceivably, slip through to a second ballot, but's that's as far as it's going to go.


Scout said...

i keep reading these wondering if any 'sort of , maybe, well not bad' candidate might show up.....what's the chances?

Bazz said...

Slim, although in comparison to Ted Morton (see today's entry), most of these guys would be ok. Not that that's much of an endorsement, mind you...