Thursday, November 23, 2006

Only A Couple More To Go

Todays candidate in the line of fire is...

Ted Morton

  • Who He?: A former U. of Calgary poli sci professor, who leapt into politics a while back apparently because we offended God in some way. Was one of our hilarious "senators in waiting" before deciding that provincial politics was a better way to get his grubby hands on the reins of power. He's very much the right-of-right's candidate.

  • Why Should Progressives Support Him?: Only because of the possibility that he would be so dreadful as premier that nobody would vote for his party, perhaps even to the point where he might take Harper down with him.

  • Why Should We Not?: Because he's a contemptible human being, whose only method of campaigning for political office is to try to set people against each other (Albertans against The Rest of Canada, straights against gays, Edmonton against Calgary, etc. etc.). Because he was the mastermind of the jaw-droppingly cynical attempt to weasel the province out of allowing gay marriages right before the leadership campaign. Because the only people he hates more than he hates gays are non-Albertan Canadians. Because every single element of his political ideology involves fucking people over. Because Lorne Gunther endorsed him. I could go on, but you get the idea.

  • Is He Likely To Pick Fights With Homeless People?: No, he might get hurt. He'll have his followers beat the homeless for him, probably on live TV.

  • How are his chances?: Depressingly good. He's still considered an underdog to Dinning, but should make the second ballot easily. After that, it'll depend on which of the two of them the other candidates support.


Anonymous said...

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jenny said...

hey Bazz! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Like your pics, have you seen the docu Let's Rock Again with Joe Strummer?

Scout said...

ewwwww, lets hope morton doesn't get it. just read the weather there is COOOOOOOLD so low voter turn out is expected.

i suppose if morton got in his first order of the day would be to declare alberta as a nation.

Bazz said...

Jenny, I haven't seen the Strummer film, although I'd love to! Is it out on DVD?

Scout, indeed it is cold - it'll be interesting to see if that has any effect today. And I don't think there's any doubt that Morton, deep in the black hole where his heart ought to be, wants to take Alberta out of confederation. Expect Alberta to become a very very ugly place if he gets in.