Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I Aten't Dead, with apologies to Granny Weatherwax and the many, many, people who have already used that line to introduce a return to regular blogging.

Anyway, what'd we miss?

Well, Paul Martin put the Shrub administration into a snit by daring, daring, to criticize them on climate change. And with what fiery, over-the-top, rhetoric did he do this thing? Well, he said this:

"To the reticent nations, including the United States, I'd say this: there is such a thing as a global conscience, and now is the time to listen to it. Now is the time to join with others in our global community."

Oooooh, burn, baby. Yeesh. And, this just in: Our latest Paul Cellucci clone has expressed patronizing outrage over the incident, which was to be expected. I was actually worried a little bit about David Wilkins; he was being a little too, you know, ambassadorial. Good to see that that's all cleared up now. Anyway, the usual suspects knuckled under right away, of course.

Furthermore, the war on Christmas opened a Northern front,and the Forces of Stupidity recruited an actual living dinosaur to represent them, However, this whole ridiculous situation has turned out the best, without a doubt the best, piece of rantage to come along in the last month or so (Still not as good as Molly's take on Texas manhood, thought). Anyway, go, read, enjoy.

And that's about all for now.

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