Saturday, November 12, 2005


It's always nice to see a good writer swing for the fences and connect, and today we present a mammoth, upper-deck dinger by everyone's favourite Texas liberal, Molly Ivins:

Some kind of manly
Bush administration, dead to morality, says torture is the American way

AUSTIN, Texas -- I can't get over this feeling of unreality, that I am actually sitting here writing about our country having a gulag of secret prisons in which it tortures people. I have loved America all my life, even though I have often disagreed with the government. But this seems to me so preposterous, so monstrous. My mind is a little bent and my heart is a little broken this morning.

"...dead to morality..." Nicely put. Suck it, Pat Robertson et al. Some further highlights:

"Sometimes you gotta play rough," said Dick Cheney. No shit, Dick? Now why don't you tell that to John McCain?

You know you're fucked when Molly Ivins is swearing at you...

I grew up with all this pathetic Texas tough: Everybody here knows you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs; and this ain't beanbag; and I'll knock your jaw so far back, you'll scratch your throat with your front teeth; and I'm gonna cloud up and rain all over you; and I'm gonna open me a can of whup-ass ...

And that'll show 'em, won't it? Take some miserable human being alone and helpless in a cell, completely under your control, and torture him. Boy, that is some kind of manly, ain't it?

And with that, Miss Ivins cheerfully (or perhaps not so cheerfully) seizes cowboy machismo by the nuts, squeezes, and leaves it curled up in fetal position on the floor, whimpering. Who do I have to make a deal with to be able to write that passionately and at the same time that well? And how much would we have to pay Molly Ivins to get her to move to Alberta and unleash a little of that on some of our cowboy assholes up here? Molly Ivins embodies everything that is good about the United States of America.

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