Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Look Quick

Found this story over here.

New legal bid to save spotted owl
Last updated Dec 6 2005 01:13 PM PST
CBC News

A coalition of B.C. environmental groups has launched legal action in a bid to get the federal government to step in and save the northern spotted owl from logging.

Ten years ago, there were 100 breeding pairs in southwestern B.C. Now there are just 23 owls left. And the environmentalists warn that if the logging isn't stopped, the birds will be extinct by 2010.

Of course, we must lay the blame for this at the feet of multinational timber concerns, globalization run amok, and so on, mustn't we? Actually:

The B.C. government, through its Timber Sales Program, is the largest logger in owl habitat.

And folks, that's what happens when you let right-wing governments do want they want: they shit the bed, absolutely 100% of the time (yes, I know the B.C. government is nominally the Liberals, but they're B.C.'s right-wing alternative to the NDP, under whom things would not have got to this stage). Anyway, I'm very sorry to have distracted all those folks out doing the vital work of protecting Christmas trees from atheists, but I felt this needed to be pointed out.

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