Saturday, March 08, 2008

Incestuous Little Bastards, Aren't They!

From an article in The Guardian:

Brodie did his PhD in political science at the University of Calgary under Ted Morton, an American-born former academic and activist and known as the dean of the "Calgary school", an intellectual movement that has remade Canadian conservatism along American-lines.

Yeah, that's this Ted Morton. Hat-Tip to The Galloping Beaver.


the rev. paperboy said...

(IndigoMontoya) You use thees word "intellectual" - I don theenk thees word mins what joo theenk it meens(/IndigoMontoya)


Bazz said...

Ah yes, a timely reminder that in certain contexts the word "intellectual" does not imply the existance of an intellect!

(Ooh, and I just picked up Princess Bride on DVD, too! I haven't seen that one in ages...)