Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fun With U.S. College Football

I'm not the biggest fan of college football, although a brief inhabitation of Ypsilanti, Michigan, during the 1990s (reason: there was a girl) means that I keep a bit an eye on the fate of the University of Michigan Wolverines. However, this fall there have been a number of laugh-out-loud incidents in the collegiate gridiron game south of the border. Allow me to share a few of them, in lieu of doing anything that requires thought this evening:

1. In our first clip, a TV commentator struggles to concentrate on the game before him while suffering angst over a major current-events issue. The best part of this clip is the (understandable) incredulity of his colour commentator. The saddest part is what it says about the decline of ESPN...

2. In clip #2, a college referee waxes poetic in describing the circumstances surrounding a penalty call.

3. And, finally, a member of law enforcement expresses an opinion on an Auburn player.


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