Saturday, November 24, 2007

Australia Punts Bush Supporter

Australia sweeps Rudd into power

Australia's opposition Labor Party under Kevin Rudd has won a sweeping general election victory, removing PM John Howard after an 11-year term.

Mr Rudd said Australia had "looked to the future" and that he would be "a prime minister for all Australians".

Correspondents say key changes will be the start of a troop pullout from Iraq and the signing of the Kyoto protocol on climate change.

Although not surprising, it's still nice to read, as it makes Mr. Bush a little bit lonelier in world affairs (I particularly like the fact that Rudd announced right away that he was doing a 180 on Iraq and Kyoto). Now, if we could just persuade the Canadian electorate to step up to the plate like that...


Alison said...

Harper has just moved up to #1 Poodle.

Bazz said...

Too true. One bright side though - Harper's just about the only poodle left!

the rev. said...

Bazz -- I didn't know you were back blogging! Huzzah! O frabjurous day! Caloo! Calay!
I've pining for Friday archeology blogging for ages, glad to see you back in business.

Bazz said...

Thanks rev.! It's been a bit of weird fall term, which accounted for the lengthy absence. Said term ends next week, at which point explanations will be forthcoming!