Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Release The Hounds!!! (Provincial Edition)


Yeah, it's that time again, when we pick on people whose only crime (sometimes) is to aspire to political office. This time, we're going after the candidates to become the next Tory leader here in Alberta, filling the large, beer-stained boots belonging to Ralph Klein. Over the next few days, we'll be picking on the various contenders to be our next premier. Let's start with, oh, Ed Stelmach.

Ed Stelmach

  • Who He?: Longtime Tory provincial cabinet minister. Not known for anything, good or bad, in particular.

  • Why Should Progressives Support Him?: Good ideas on preserving wetlands and other sundry environmental matters. Or, at least he's making the right noises in that direction.

  • Why Should We Not?: Dangerously vague on a number of issues (i.e. Arts, homelessness), which leads one to suspect that he actually intends to pretty much ignore them. Is trying to portray himself as "tough on crime", without having any notions about how to reduce the crime rate. Wants to build more prisons.

  • Is He Likely To Pick Fights With Homeless People?: Not really, although it's a bit hard to tell.

  • How are his chances?: Slim. There nothing that really sets him apart from the others, and he'll be happy to make to a second ballot.


Scout said...

too bad al dooer (sp?) had liberal ties. as a con he might be a shoe-in, having cleaned up calgary after ralphie put it in the red so deep.

i've always been amazed at alberta, i mean, witih it's wealth , literally anyone could run the province...oh, pardon me, 'anyone' did....klein.

please keep us posted on's not something that's going to make big time headlines.

Bazz said...

I kind of got sidetracked with marking today, but there will be more Provincial leadership campaign stuff up tomorrow!