Friday, November 17, 2006

Continuing On With The Provincial Leadership Candidates!

Gary McPherson

  • Who He?: Local community leader, heavily involved in community associations (particularly sports-related) and disability-related issues.

  • Why Should Progressives Support Him?: He's probably the most progressive candidate of the bunch, although that really isn't saying much. For someone portrayed as a "one-issue" candidate, he's got a fairly decent grasp of the issues, at least as far as one can tell (see below).

  • Why Should We Not?: There aren't really too many reasons not to support Gary McPherson, although his lack of experience in politics may raise some red flags (he's never been elected, although he's served on a number of government committees). The "one-issue" thing is dogging him a bit as well, and he could afford to be much more specific in terms of exactly what his plans for Alberta are.

  • Is He Likely To Pick Fights With Homeless People?: No. I think a Gary McPherson premiership would be fairly free of that sort of tomfoolery.

  • How are his chances?: Zilch. He's got no real body of support, and pragmatism rather than anything else is going to send potential McPherson voters into other camps.

In other news, Friday Archaeology Blogging is to follow, although possibly not until tomorrow!


Alison said...

Hurray. Always loved your poli round-ups.
Warning : Nagging ahead...
Have I nagged you lately to collect all your old ones and stick them on your sidebar? Or on a blog of their own and link to it? Especially your descriptions of the different parties.
OK, nagging over.

Bazz said...

I do remember you bringing up the notion some time ago, and I think it's a good one! I just haven't had the time... Anyway, perhaps it is time to buckle down and actually collect the old posts. Next week, I promise!