Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ian Robinson Hangs A Slider Right Over The Plate

There are days when blogging is difficult. Whoever the muse of blogging is, she's just not around all the time. And then, there are times when it gets served up to you on a plate. Today is one of those times.

No pride in harbouring cowards from U.S.

Ok, an unpromising beginning. This looks like another snorefest about personal responsibility, making choices and living with the results, and other things that conservatives like to bleat about but which are, in fact, anathema to them. But wait...

Aw, it must have been such a beautiful moment.

There was a conference of Vietnam-era draft dodgers and deserters in B.C. last weekend, coming together after all these years to celebrate their deep-seated courage in avoiding service in the Vietnam war by coming to Canada.

Well, that's a switch. Seems Ian is still pissed off that we took in draft dodgers 40 years ago. One wonders vaguely why, given that even the architects of the Vietnam war have admitted that it was, pretty much, a clusterfuck.

They unveiled a statue showing a Canadian welcoming two fleeing Americans with open arms.

The sculpture was originally to have found a home in a municipal setting, but the national uproar it touched off sees it now in a private gallery in Nelson.

That would be this statue:

I think the fuss would have been more muted had the statue perhaps better reflected the reality of those times.

What, you mean we didn't actually take in draft dodgers and their families? Now Ian's confusing me.

Shoulda been a chicken hiding behind a beaver.

Hey look, snark!

Yep. A beautiful moment. That is if you were born without the capacity to feel shame.

Actually, I think most people are born without the capacity to feel shame, and that it develops in early childhood. But we won't get into that, cause we're coming to the money shot here. This is where Ian writes something that is so dumb, so inane, and so just plain wrong that all one can do is sit and admire its stupiditude:

Let's get something clear here.

Vietnam was a moral war.

I see.

Ian Robinson's morality in action.


Alison said...

Ok, just because it's you, I hopped on over to Ian Robinson's nest to see what he's about.
Total prat, what?

But then I saw his bio photo.

You know, Ian, ya look young enough to get in on that whole Afstan thing if you think Calgary could struggle along without your deathless prose for a while.

the rev. said...

I used to work with an Ian Robinson in Simcoe Ontario about 15 years ago. We worked for rival weekly newspapers and wrote competeing columns. I couldn't say for sure its the same guy, but he's the right age and has the same asinine opinions.