Tuesday, July 18, 2006

God Will Pencil You In For... Shall We Say Friday?

Random dumbness from last week:

Grandstand ritual offering alarms pastor
'God's not going to like this': reverend
Joe Woodard, Calgary Herald
Published: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 Article tools

Local minister Gord Smith worries the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Board may have called the wrath of God down upon the city, since it has endorsed pagan spirit worship.

Sunday night at the Grandstand Show, Stampede president Steve Allan invited onstage three village chieftains from Ghana to summon the spirits of their ancestors, Smith said.

Ok, I can see about how this might seem odd fare for the Calgary Stamped, but I'm stumped on the whole, "inviting the wrath of God" thing. If you're bored by the Ghanaian spirit-callers, go have a beer and watch the chuckwagons or something. Oh wait, explanation ensues:

"They don't know what they're playing with when they consent to spirit worship," said Smith.

"I'm calling all the prayer intercessors I know, to start praying for the city. God's not going to like this."

And, when is God not going to like this? When he checks his messages or something? Isn't God, like, omniscient? Doesn't he realize that the Calgary Stampede needs a little smitin'? Hmmm, maybe He's busy right now.

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Scout said...

i do believe gawd has a 'wait in line' policy for dumbasses.

hey, that's the stumpede for ya! a couple of years ago i wrote in complaining about their grandstand show and how
1. the rcmp led the first nations reps onto the stage when the rcmp should FOLLOW first nations
2. the natives were made to sidle onto a ramp with no lights on them while everyone else was forefront and lit up.

the response was as to be expected....something along the lines that this is canada and the rcmp were formed to help protect the natives (ya right, nice blanket, and residential schools were created to educate).

they also pleaded last minute show changes that wouldn't allow everyone onstage and there were no lights for the natives (and what about last minute rental of an extra bank of lights, or using one of the spots that wasn't being used for that portion?).

but then again, the injuns may not have believed in the stampede's gawd......and that would be, like yukcy or something.