Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Family Day, Alberta!!

Mother sues courts for $80,000
Files claim over son's elevator death just before two-year statute expires
Tim Lai, The Edmonton Journal
Published: Saturday, February 18, 2006

EDMONTON -- The mother of Kyle Young, who died after falling five floors down an elevator shaft at the Edmonton Law Courts two years ago, has filed an $80,000 lawsuit over his death.

For those of you who don't remember, Kyle Young was the small teenaged boy who, while shackled, handcuffed, and under the control of two trained, adult, jail guards, managed to make his way through a closed elevator door, and down the shaft, with predictably fatal consequences. Somehow, nobody except Kyle Young was ever found to be at fault for this, although the incident did produce one of the most loathsome letters to the editor that I have ever seen. Goddammit, but there are some real fucktards out there.

Anyway, his mother is now attempting to get at least a little bit of something, some acknowledgement that there was wrongdoing, some sort of symbolic victory over a process that has done nothing but treat her with apparently deliberate contempt throughout. We wish her nothing but the best in this, and we'll keep you posted.


Alison said...

Had a look back through your archives last night to find your previous posts on this story and of course wound up getting side-tracked into looking through your old photo albums and trying on your hat collection. Great stuff there.
I never got around to telling you before how much I enjoyed your recaps of the different poli parties prior to the election but they were the most pertinent and funny of any I read anywhere.
A blog, now sadly defunct, used to have a sidebar titled "Posts that don't suck" with links to his best old stuff under it. Just a suggestion.

Bazz said...

Cheers! And I like your suggestion of a "favourite posts" section, although more free time will be needed than I have now.

The whole Kyle Young thing is just really sad, and the saddest bit about it, IMHO, is the clear evidence that nobody outside his immediate family really gives a rat's ass what happened to him.

the rev. said...

Hadn't heard about this case until now. It sounds appalling.