Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another Archaeology Blog

So over the past couple of weeks, a certain amount of our traffic has come from people who have been googling "Tudor-Whelan" and found a link to our, um, uncomplimentary remarks of February 10th (as a matter of fact, for a few glorious days, we were the first link one received when googling "Tudor-Whelan"). However, we are not the only people to have expressed annoyance with Tudor-Whelan Property Holdings; in fact, we're not even the only Canadians. And this has been a very long-winded and incoherent way of saying that we're adding Mirabilis.ca to the list of blogs we like.

And, um, speaking of Tudor-Whelan Property Holdings, it appears that they may be climbing down on the issue of selling the tombstone abroad.

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