Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Whine, Whine, Whine

I was a tad worried that the Conservative victory in the election was going to herald the death of one of my favourite literary genres: the Conservative Post-Election Whinerant (see particularly glorious example here). However, as it turns out, I had nothing to fear...

Family Advocate Pleased to See 'Man of Integrity' as Canada's New PM
By Chad Groening
January 25, 2006

(AgapePress) - A Canadian pro-family activist says while he is very pleased that the Conservatives have finally returned to power after 13 years of Liberal Party rule, he is disappointed that so many of his fellow countrymen voted for the outgoing party -- which he views as "corrupt."

Stephen Harper told thousands of supporters in Calgary that Canadians voted for change -- and that his party will take the lead in delivering that change. But the Conservatives did not win enough seats to form a majority government. As Brian Rushfeldt explains, that will mean a coalition must be struck with the Left.

"One hundred and twenty-four Conservatives cannot pass a piece of legislation without joining forces either with the block or the ND," says the co-founder and executive director of the Canada Family Action Coalition. "That concerns me -- that they're going to have to form a coalition with one of those other parties that don't have much in common with us."

Ah yes, the governing party is actually going to have to talk to people with whom it might not be in 100% agreement on everything. Terrifying. Think of the awfulness that might ensue from government by coalition! Broad ranges of opinion being put forth, moderation being the order of the day, the CFAC agenda not being put into practice, etc. It's rather easy to see why this particular little fascist is upset.

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