Saturday, January 21, 2006

Moving Right Along

And here we have the dreaded Liberal Party.

Well, they're going to get spanked on Monday, probably given a wee timeout to think about their past sins. And what sins are those, you ask? Well, let's begin with a calculated (and successful) attempt to wrest the party away from somebody who wasn't actually doing that bad a job, and then subsequently failing to live up to standards. And unless Ralph Klein rides to their rescue once again, there's going to be some fairly spectacular bloodletting in the Liberal party after this election.

If this party were an animal, it would be: A beached whale.

Position on environmental concerns? Whatever will attract voters.

Attitude towards our friends to the South? Probably better than we think it is.

Percent likelihood that they'll try to repeal gay marriage? 0%

Is Oi! Thump! voting for them? Probably not.

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