Saturday, January 21, 2006

I Think Some Parties Are Going To Get Left Out Of The Election Guide...

But here's the Libertarian Party, anyway.

The Libertarians have cleaned up the train wreck that was their web site last time out, but there still the same old Libertarians at heart. I was interested to note that they are still clinging to the hoary old pseudo-economic logic for supporting and encouraging price gouging during times of national calamity. Nice, guys. Anyway, they're definitely the party for lazy people who don't give a rat's ass about other folks.

If this party were an animal, it would be: A rat. Yes, sometimes the obvious choice is the best one.

Position on environmental concerns? They really don't care.

Attitude towards our friends to the South? They don't like Americans; apparently our neighbours aren't libertarian enough for them.

Percent likelihood that they'll try to repeal gay marriage? 0%. This may be the only issue on which I agree with the Libertarians.

Is Oi! Thump! voting for them? You couldn't pay me to.

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