Thursday, December 22, 2005

Somebody's Grumpy...

...about the rape of the ANWR being blocked, again, at least for now:

Days of Infamy

And you know, you just know, that this is gonna be good.

I’m an environmentalist – really – maybe not by your terms, but certainly by mine.

By my terms I'm an astronaut.

I am also a United States cheerleader and I abhor the words and actions of people such as former President Bill Clinton who publicly disparage the United States and its government to the rest of the world. I support the Nature Conservancy, my environmentalist clients, and the Michigan organizations that preserve our environment.

'Cause only the Michigan environment is worth protecting. Fuck you, Alaskans!


Now today, the Senate has blocked oil drilling in ANWR, thus determining for our future and for the future of our children that we will be eternally dependent on energy from other nations. And, energy from other nations determines the fate of the United States. As long as we have to have something that the rest of the world can barter to us, we leave our country open to the control of other nations. Limited drilling that is already occurring in Alaska has demonstrated no adverse affects on animals or the environment.

Try alternative energy sources, dumbass. That way, not only will your future and the future of your children not be dependent on other nations, but you and your children will not die coughing up lumps of black phlegm, vainly trying to suck one more breath through the scar tissue that used to be your and your children's lungs. Think of it as a wee bonus.

Why does this horrible woman from Michigan want us dead?"

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