Thursday, December 22, 2005

O'Reilly wants cab drivers shot dead

And he actually ordered us to post that headline. We hear and obey, Oh Master of the Genital Falafel!! And, yeah, $300 to go to the airport is probably a little excessive, but so's advocating murder. I mean, it's not like the cabbie wished O'Reilly's daughter "Happy Holidays" or something. That would be really serious.

In other O'Reilly related news, the good people at Agitprop are trying to get onto the fucktard's hate list, which is a worthy endeavour if ever we saw one. And you can help! Pop on over and give the Agitprop folks a hand.

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the rev. said...

Bazz, thanks for the comment over at the woodshed and for adding me to you blogroll.
cheers and happy hollandaise!