Wednesday, August 18, 2004

If it ain't murky and grainy, it ain't a real punk pic!!

A couple of things going on today. First off, The General has done yeoman work on the subject of the little girl who was refused communion because she has Celiac disease. Yes, it actually happened. Secondly, The Dark Window's latest adventure into the heart of darkness that is the Christian t-shirt industry reminded me almost inevitably of this site. And now to do some of my own work...

It seems that they just can't resist dicking Kyle Young's family around some more:

Web Posted Aug 18 2004 11:46 AM MDT
Elevator fatality inquiry postponed

Edmonton - A fatality inquiry into the death of a 16-year-old boy who fell down a courthouse elevator shaft to his death has been delayed until January.

The inquiry, automatic when someone dies in custody, will now begin Jan. 10, rather than Sept. 27.

Lorena Young says she only heard about the delay in the inquiry into her son's death from the media.

"Maybe that's the way it works. But I was always under the impression when it was something like this that you would be notified by some authority, somewhere," she said.

Yes, you would expect that, wouldn't you. But you'd be forgetting that, in the eyes of the justice system and the police, your son was scum, and that therefore his death was no big deal. But yeah, fuck whoever it was who decided that keeping the victim's family out the loop was the decent way to go.

Kyle Young had just finished a court appearance on Jan. 22 and was being escorted through the building by guards when the incident happened. Shackled and handcuffed, he fell more than five storeys, becoming suspended by his neck from the structural bracket of the elevator shaft.

Justice Minister Dave Hancock said, after a review, that charges would not be laid against the two guards who were escorting Young when he died.

Police said there was insufficient evidence about what happened that day to proceed with any charges, and it has been determined Young's death wasn't criminal.

Not criminal? Not fucking criminal????? Ooooh, the mind simply boggles some days.

Hancock said the review showed that the guards used reasonable force, and that it was enough force while Young was against the elevator door to knock the door open and dislodge it.

Hancock said the doors met the building code and the investigation found they weren't faulty.

The eight inmate elevators at the courthouse have since been upgraded and new doors have been installed.

Ok Dave, if the guards used reasonable force, and the elevator doors weren't faulty, then could you please explain to the world, and mostly to his own fucking family, why Kyle Young is dead? If you can't even do that, then resign, because you are supposed to be the Minister of Justice and this happened on your watch.

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