Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Police nearing end of elevator death investigation

Edmonton - Detectives expect to wrap up their investigation into the death of a 16-year-old boy who fell down an elevator shaft by the end of the week.

Kyle Young had just finished a court appearance on Jan. 22 and was being escorted by guards when the incident happened. Shackled and handcuffed, he fell more than five stories, becoming suspended by his neck from the structural bracket of the elevator shaft.

'Bout time. They say (as they are legally obligated to) that they don't know whether charges will be pressed, but I really fail to see how they can avoid charging the guards with criminal negligence at the very least. Actually, I think there's probably a pretty good case for manslaughter. I doubt that the guards meant to kill the young lad, but elevator doors simply don't open for no reason at all. In any case, it was a monumental fuck-up, and heads had better roll for it.


reeltyme123 said...

Yeah, I'm sure you know the law you fuckin' stoner.

Bazz said...

Yes to the first bit, no to the second.