Tuesday, March 23, 2004

No more beavers or raccoons this week. Just... preparations for inventory!!!!! Yes, the joyful time they call 'Inventory' when auditors stalk the land, and people tremble in their boots. Speaking of auditors and trembling, I chucked a shadow dragon at my wee D&D group last week, and they finally finished it off last night. A good little fight it was, too!! Next up for them: drow!

Apart from that, we seem to have a new leader of the federal Conservative party. You know, the one that's the bastard offspring of the Canadian Alliance (nee Reform) and Progressive Conservatives, who are apparently to the left of the Liberal party. This is all probably good news for the NDP, who have been quietly making their own way along, taking up larger and larger chunks of the left wing of the Canadian spectrum. Of course, if the Conservatives win the next federal election, the Liberals will probably go back over there themselves... Anyway, Steven Harper was the obvious, runaway, choice to lead the new party, despite (or, with the ghost of Stockwell Day's political career looming over the delegates, perhaps because of) having the charisma of a clam and sharing the unfortunate Canadian Alliance trait of being psychotically obsessed with doing anything to beat the Liberals. He immediately appointed Peter MacKay, ex-capo of the Progressive Conservatives, as his sidekick, which made the entire script of Julius Caesar leap right into my head right away. Doubtless Belinda Stronach and Tony Clement, Harper's two opponents in the leadership race, will be rewarded for their relative grace in losing - Clement with a shadow cabinet position, and Stronach by being relentlessly patronized.

And that's all I have say on that score right at the moment. In the meantime, things are happening south of the border, as the Americans start to come to the realization (those, that is, outside the majority that knew it all along), that the Republicans severely fucked up both before and after 9/11. How much of an effect this be allowed to have on the upcoming election down there remains to be seen!

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