Thursday, February 19, 2004

Death at the Courthouse Update

Police bring in engineers to look at elevator door

Edmonton - Police have hired an independent engineering company to examine the elevator door through which a teen fell to his death last month.

This was the first I'd heard of the investigation since a couple of days after the incident actually happened. Unfortunately, according to the article, it was also the first the victim's family had heard in about the same time. Now, I know this kid was no saint, but for crying out loud, he was 16 years old! And, while handcuffed and shackled in the company of two presumably trained corrections officials, he contrived to throw himself down an elevator shaft. Now, forgive me my forthrightness, but it is not the elevator door that needs investigating! What needs to be investigated is how the poor kid came to hit the door hard enough that the resulting damage to it allowed him to fall through (elevator doors don't open unless the elevator's there, folks, - they can't. If they could, people would be at risk of falling into elevator shafts). And, while not a trained police detective myself, I would humbly suggest that perhaps about a day's worth of chatting with the two guards who were escorting the boy might go some way towards clearing this whole mess up (unless they've lawyered up, which would be indicative in and of itself)? Anyway, what began as merely a very tragic story, albeit a suspicious one, has now mutated into an angering one as well. Further bulletins on this as events warrant.

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