Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Johnny Rotten Update

The best ever picture of Johnny Rotten. I have no idea who the fellow on the right is, but he seems to have something stuck to his forehead. However, awesome pictures aside, all is not well in Rotten-land, at least as pertains to his career as a celebrity reality-show contestant...

Timmy Mallett could replace Johnny Rotten

Timmy Mallett could replace Johnny Rotten in I'm a Celebrity.. Get Me Out of Here.

The former children's television presenter is already in Australia as a stand-by contestant.

Lydon has reportedly been "surly and uncooperative" since arriving in Australia for the show, sparking speculation he could quit.

Ok, so the other guy in the picture above is somebody named "Timmy Mallett." Is he related to Jordan? Anyway, the big shocker in this story is that Mr. Rotten has been "surly and uncooperative!" I mean, who possibly could have anticipated that? It's not like they could possibly have known about his reputation before they selected him for the show, could they? But, all is not lost...

Johnny's not so rotten, says his wife
Jan 28 2004
By Beth Hardie, icReporter

John Lydon's wife Nora has asked the public to back her husband, claiming I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here would be boring without him.

Although the former Sex Pistols singer and anarchist has repeatedly refused to tow the line, arguing with producers and spitting and swearing while on camera, his other half is backing him all the way.

I would anticipate that Mrs. Rotten is a fairly formidable woman, given that they've been married for more than 20 years. The producers of IACGMOOH (Awesome acronym!!) should probably listen to her, and have no further dealings with this Mallett person. And look! It's a happy ending for everyone, at least for now...

Lydon the new I'm A Celebrity favourite

John Lydon is the new favourite to win I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here.

He is the 2/1 favourite with Ladbrokes after a string of bets in the last 24 hours.

More bulletins as events warrant.

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