Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I played an indoor soccer game last night, for our workplace team. We lost it in the end, 4-3, and unfortunately because of that it's the last game of the season for us. Just when we were beginning to get things together!

Actually, it was a very frustrating evening for me as a 'keeper. We were up against a nice mob of Latino lads (one of whom I know from other soccer-related endeavours), which boded ill for us from the start. To add to our troubles, I simply couldn't get my head in the game in the first half. Their first goal came on a curling free kick from far enough out that I should have had it easily, and right after that they scored again after I'd handled the ball outside the penalty area. Their third, still in the first half but after we'd pulled one back, was not my fault, as one of my defenders ignored my frantic calls to clear it wide and sent it into the middle of the pitch, where one of their strikers was gratefully waiting for it.

The second half was much better. We put them under quite a bit of pressure, and got the score to 3-2 before they scored again, this time on a hard shot from a narrow angle. Right after that, we scored again, and then carried the play to the final whistle without being able to score. I did get to go on one "mazy" run into the opposing half (and nearly died trotting back to my net), and generally felt more with it, but still, I hate losing when I've let in bad goals.

However, the season was a fun one, and I managed not to end up in hospital, unlike the last time I tried to play soccer. Hopefully another opportunity to play will come along soon, and in the meantime I've still got the coaching. Tonight I'm off to watch a friend of mine (a girl I've been training to be a 'keeper) play, and tomorrow my girls play. As a bonus, tomorrow night I'm going to get to watch my old EDSA team play, as they had a match rescheduled, and it starts right after my girls are done. I'll let 'chall know how it goes!

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