Monday, January 08, 2007


The William McGonagall of the right has arrived! It'd been awhile since I checked in with the deep thinkers at Conservative Undeath, and I'm pleased to say that the cultural content of the place has improved markedly. They now have a resident poet! Going by the handle "shamus11", he subscribes to the "fuck-the-metre-so-long-as-it-rhymes" school of poetry, and some of his stuff is pure gold.

Our man on Muslim immigration:

Absolutely no one can stop the incoming Islamic tide,
They have Charter Rights too and are along for the long ride,
We’re caught in political correctness with mosques in the sky,
You don’t remember prohibition when everything was dry.

Flying mosques... interesting. Anyway, here he goes on welfare mothers:

Lifetime carefree career with free apartment and no rent,
No parking, security or hydro problems to torment,
And lots of boyfriends to help make even more welfare babies,
Enlarge the welfare check for these single welfare ladies.

And one more, sample, here's his poetic take on being welcoming to newcomers:

And if you meet a refugee down at your local bar,
Ask if he/she is an AIDS refugee before you go too far,
Without referendums or recall, there’s nothing you can do,
If you or someone you know catches AIDS because of a screw.

Brings a tear to my eye, it does. Anyway, never fear, there's much more than just the little sample I've given you here, and he's showing no signs of stopping!

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the rev. said...

oooooh, I can smell the Governor General's Award from here. Well, I can smell something....