Thursday, November 09, 2006

Two For Two

Democrats seal US Senate victory

Republican George Allen has admitted defeat in the Virginia race for the US Senate, sealing Democratic mid-term victories in both houses of Congress.

I do not think that the wingnuts are going to be very happy with George Allen, and this has probably killed any chance he ever had of being POTUS.

So, um, Harper's Dark Overlord is kind of out there on his own, at this point (apart from Uncle Dick and That Woman That Peter Mackay Was Slobbering Over The Last Time She Was In Canada). Be interesting to see how our PM handles it, particularly if the opposition parties start smelling fear (well, more fear than usual from the Conservatives), which just might be a possibility if these polls are accurate. One thing is certain; he's going to have to choose whether he plays ball with the White House or with Congress and The Senate on matters relating to both our countries.

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Scout said...

he's so bush-smitten, the guy has probably been convinced by mr. president that this is just temporaty, stay the course, and the reepocons will win the presidential election.