Saturday, October 21, 2006

In Which A Mr. Peter MacKay, Esq., Of Pictou, Nova Scotia, Makes Tie Domi's 'List'

Good article here about MacKay's latest bout of petulance. The best line:

Stephen Harper cannot have a man child holding Canadian diplomacy in his hands.

Of course, as we all know, this is just a horrible plot by desperate Liberals to steer attention away from the blinding brilliance that is Stephen Harper and co.


Scout said...

and whatever will harper do about loose lips mackay (aka 'the hunk' oh barf). not only does he have a man-child on his hands, but a guy who's itching for harper's throne , and has botched most everything he's ever laid his hands on.

could be the back bench for mackay....another firing like turner would leave the cons a few too many seats shy and don't know if a turner riding byelection would come before the liberal leadership decision. once that's done, non-confidence will be called by the grits or ndp for sure. heh heh heh.

the rev. said...

There won't be any by-election for Turner's seat unless he quits parliament - Harper can only throw him out of the party, not the house of commons.