Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My God, We've Been Tagged!!!!

Falls to ground, clutching chest. "Nooooo! Not tagged! Not now!! Activates Genesis Device. "From Hell's heart I stab at..." [Um, you do realize that all being tagged means, in this case, is that you have to list five weird habits you have, and then pass the meme on to five more blogs, don't you? - Ed.] "Oh, well, that's ok then. Ahem."

Anyway, we have been tagged by the rev. So here goes, 5 weird habits of the Oi! Thump! set...

  1. Before doing any work at my computer, I always play three games of spider solitaire. Always. It's sort of like the pre-game warm-up or something.

  2. I have far too many weird gaming habits to mention, so here's just one. I have been known to bench dice for rolling badly.

  3. If the English soccer team I support won its last game, then I get the score for the next one from the same source. If they lost, I switch sources. Unfortunately, this season I was forced to discover many sources for overseas soccer results.

  4. I tend to let my e-mail Inbox fill up with hideous numbers of messages before I delete the spam and sort the rest.

  5. I find it very difficult to leave the house without a book. This is probably due to having ridden the same bus on an almost daily basis for many years, and thus being fairly thoroughly bored by the scenery.

Ok, so some of those are more superstitions than habits, but nonetheless!

And now to share the wealth!! The deal is that I pick five blogs to tag myself. Hmmm, let's see (A number of people I would have got have been gotten already)... According to the rules, the folks below are supposed to post five weird habits of their own, pick five more people to tag, and then post a comment on the new taggees' blogs informing them of the fact.

  1. Flash Point Canada.
  2. WTF Is It Now?
  3. Hairy Fish Nuts
  4. donkey o.d.
    ...and one random one! (let's make a new friend!)
  5. Blowing Smoke


jenny said...

Hey Bazz, thanks for visiting my blog and really, I'm honored to be chosen as your random taggee. Once you read my weird habits, you'll certainly have second thoughts about choosing me as a new friend, but I told the truth, all of it and more, so here goes nothing!

Bazz said...

Well, I enjoyed your blog very much, and will be keeping track of it! (and I didn't think your habits were that weird... :) ).

jenny said...

thx bazz, you're too kind! ;)