Thursday, March 23, 2006

Whoa, Nelly

Oh, so this is how Harper's gonna get us into Iraq.

Harper mum on Canadian special forces role
Won't confirm reports JTF-2 helped in rescue

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper won’t confirm or deny reports that Canada’s elite JTF-2 special forces helped rescue two kidnapped Canadian aid workers in Baghdad.

He'll just send Canadian troops there unilaterally and not tell anybody! Wheeeee!! (Note to Mr. Harper: You are Prime Minister, not President. Learn the difference, please).


salvage said...

I hate to take Harper's side on this (DIRTY DIRTY IT’S NOT COMING OFF!!!) but JT3's mandate is Canadian hostage rescue, the location and political ramifications are immaterial to that mission. If a Canadian is snatched they’re in the air to wherever there is.

Him not talking about it also standard operating procedure, they are our SpecOps they work and live in the shadows.

Now that their mission is done they will leave or else there will be hell to pay. Harper is no where near strong enough politically to even risk anything else.

Bazz said...

I didn't realize that their mandate was that wide-open! I agree with you that it would be a huge political nightmare for Harper to get Canadian forces involved in Iraq long-term (one would hope it would be, anyway).

I've seen some reports that the RCMP were involved in the rescue somehow - interesting if true.