Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Out To Pasture, Or Lunch, Or Both

No deKlein

King Ralph doesn't want to abdicate just yet. After all, he needs time to collect his things.

"I'd hate to be defeated and try to deal with all the good stuff I get. I have to look after the condo, all the clothes I have here, the furniture," says Ralph, referring to the stuff in his place in Edmonton.

"We have to find out where I'm going to put all this stuff."

The scary bit is that Klein probably actually said that.

Ah, yes. That's a good reason to stay. It will take awhile to organize a garage sale or book some movers. Then again, who gives a whatever? Ralph and the people behind the premier are happy these days. Why wouldn't they be happy? Three weeks before the premier faces the possibility of being embarrassed out of office, new poll numbers shout out the news.

Incredibly, Ralph has a better approval rating than any leader in the universe except Kim Jong Il of North Korea, and Kim the Commie's numbers are cooked.

That's just sad. For those of you haven't been following along, last week Ralph Klein, faced with the unthinkable possibility that the opposition was, you know, opposing him, threw a hissy fit (and a book) at a 17-year-old girl. And yet, this does not seem to have dismayed the average Alberta voter, picture below:

People, try and remember that Ralph balanced the budget, not because he is a financial genius, but because the price of oil has gone up. He couldn't help balancing the budget! I could balance the Alberta budget! George W. Bush probably couldn't, but that's another matter. The point is that we do not have to accept this sort of behaviour from our elected leaders. For fuck's sake, Alberta, grow a spine.

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