Saturday, February 25, 2006


Shorter Michael Coren: "It's been a while since I said something really fucking stupid, so I'm gonna have to come up an extra special piece of dumbfuckery to make up for lost time."

Shorter Linda Williamson: "Goddammit, Coren's off his meds again. Michael, settle down if you don't want to get your useless ass fired."

Via Cathie From Canada and Hairy Fish Nuts.


the rev. said...

Even shorter Michael Coren: (cue Bullwinkle voice) "Hey Rocky, watch me piss off at least 50% of the population"

"#$"#$ing knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, bullet-headed git!

Bazz said...

Michael Coren is weird. His wingnuttery has a different sort of "flavour" from that shown by people like the Byfields, although I'd struggle to explain exactly how. Anyway, he is also, as you pointed out, a git.

the rev. said...

wasn't he hanging out with the Heritage Front and coddling Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel a few years ago?

Bazz said...

Apparently the Michael Coren Show discussed the Zundel case, and showed some sympathy towards Zundel himself. He has also in the past compared PETA unfavourably to Zundel.