Saturday, January 28, 2006

Fun Stuff From Around the Blogosphere

In which we let other people do the legwork...

Anyhoo, Hairy Fish Nuts has uncovered possibly the bestest example of anti-gay buffoonery ever. The Rev., over at The Woodshed, has been shining the light of truth on a couple of the more cockroachy members of our new government (no offense to cockroaches intended here). And, at Creekside, there's illustrated proof that we could do with a little bit of proportional representation. I mention these three blogs in particular because they have taken the plunge and linked to Oi! Thump!; I am humbly grateful, and wish to extend many thanks, albeit belatedly, to the authors.

There is excellent stuff elsewhere as well. Agitprop has left off picking on Bill O'Reilly for a moment to run a pessimistic but excellent piece by Gore Vidal. Cathie from Canada, at her eponymous blog, has delved into the murky waters of Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic. And, lastly for now, the Canadian Cynic has been bashing the gay-bashers with the big spiky club of rationality and clear thinking.

I would like to close by giving the Official Oi! Thump! Promise (Still Inadmissable In Court!!) that we will get off our lazy asses and do some of our own work here shortly. In the meantime, peace out.

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