Saturday, January 21, 2006

Closer, closer...

Well, we could hardly talk about the Communist Party of Canada without describing their nemeses, the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada.

Last time out, these guys were all about the Hardial Bains, but he's conspicuous by his absence from the website this time around. Also conspicuous by its absence from the website is something that is not a hideous red-and-yellow colour scheme. But enough about that. The MLPC seems to have garnered a few ideas from the Bloc on the subject of Quebec independence, and there's lots of stuff about defending the rights of workers, which is both predictable and good. Oh, and I take back the Hardial Bains comment; here he is!

If this party were an animal, it would be: A bear, but not the same bear as the Communist Party of Canada.

Position on environmental concerns? As long as the workers aren't getting screwed over...

Attitude towards our friends to the South? Hatred.

Percent likelihood that they'll try to repeal gay marriage? 0%

Is Oi! Thump! voting for them? Except for the Quebec thing, I'd be tempted to, but they're not fucking running in my riding, dammitall.

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