Saturday, November 26, 2005

Things are getting nitpicky...

...Over at "Ashamed to be Canadian."

Vancouver Sun informs readers: Harper is a "devil", and "scary".

Oi! Thump! informs readers: PTBC writers are "hilarious", and "borderline illiterate".

Nowhere in the article is anyone—not a pollster, nor a politician, not even a Marxist university professor—quoted as saying Conservative leader Stephen Harper is a “devil”, not even in the context of the cliché “...the devil we don’t know...”; nor that Harper is “scary”.

That's a nice mountain ya got there, boy. However, somebody wants to talk to you...

"Hey, give me back my hill, you asshole!

And a bit later, the whining continues:

Nope! No media bias against conservatives here!

Oh, muffin! Typical Canadian conservative: take a news item that, by squinting at it while turning your head, might, might, be construable as not entirely slavishly devoted to conservatism, and carry on as though somebody actually did something harmful to you. Wankers.

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