Thursday, October 06, 2005

Let's check in with the folks at Proud To Be Canadian, shall we? This is the site, of course, which flaunts its Canadian patriotism by running columns by Ann Coulter, Rebecca Hagelin, Mike Adams, Jennifer Morse, Doug Giles, Steven Milloy, and other exciting non-Canadians. As far as actual Canadian content is concerned (ooh, alliteration), well, they've got Paul Jackson. Anyway, let's see what Paul's up to today:

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is arguably the most attractive, visionary and courageous politician in the democratic world.

Ok, let's not. At least he's not gushing about Bush in this one. Oh, and here's another one:

Paul Cellucci, former Republican governor of Massachusetts and more recently American ambassador to Canada, is the kind of American who does inspire awe. He’s a photogenic, erudite, William F. Buckley-type, and a man of quiet charm.

Tony Blair's getting jealous!!! And Paul's more homophobic colleagues are starting to ostracize him during coffee break.

We'll be back another time to check out PtbC's exciting array of guest columnists!

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