Sunday, September 25, 2005

Loonitunes North of the 49th

It's always been a source of deep dismay to the elite Oi! Thump! sociologues that the Americans seem to have all the really good conservative nutjobs. Sure, we've got the Byfields, but they haven't been really relevant since about 1992, even if Link did get himself elected senator-in-waiting-and-waiting-and-waiting-and-boring-people-on-talk-radio. However, we Canadians are a can-do sort of people, and it is with great joy that we introduce to you some folks doing their darndest to shrink the conservative nuttiness gap. Behold, then, the wonder that is Conservative Life. What I particularly enjoy about this site is the effort made by its contributors to deal with the most pressing issues in Canadian conservative thought today. As proof, we have this article here:

Dr. Phil's Son To Wed Playboy Centerfold

Ironically, an episode the other day was about the evils of judging by appearance.

As with those that claim they read Playboy for the articles, I suppose he became smitten by this tramp through her personality.

For those charmed by the puny, ditzy model type, be warned. They don't strike me as the kind that will do much housework or happily do as they are told like a proper wife should.

Yup, cutting edge stuff, with a dose of gratuitous misogyny tossed in, just to make sure everyone remembers that yes, this piece was written by a twit. Then there's this, from the Conservative Life messageboards:

I Would Leap Off The Top Of A Mountain For Pres. Bush

That pretty much makes fun of itself, doesn't it...

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