Tuesday, December 14, 2004

More on the gay marriage thing

Canada Court's OK of Same-Sex 'Marriage' Has Conservatives Concerned

By Chad Groening and Jenni Parker
December 10, 2004

(AgapePress) - The ruling by Canada's Supreme Court that same-sex marriage is constitutional is reverberating across North America, as liberals and conservatives across the continent react with celebration or alarm. One Canadian pro-family leader says it may take the election of a conservative government to prevent Parliament from extending marriage rights to homosexuals

Yes, well, that would do it, wouldn't it. And, since the Conservatives are pretty much standing alone on this one, with perhaps the odd Liberal in attendance, the chances of getting such an election aren't real good.

The head of the Canada Family Action Coalition says the organization will be working to mobilize citizens across Canada in an attempt to head off the liberal government's efforts to extend marriage rights to homosexuals. "We've got to rally the troops across Canada," he says, urging citizens to contact members of Parliament and tell them, "If you do not support marriage as [being between] a man and a woman, we're coming after you next election and you will be out."

These fuckers must think we live in a really great country, that this is the only issue we have to deal with. For example, this must be happening somewhere else. I certainly missed the Canada Family Action Coalition (motto: "Fucking Up Other Peoples' Families For Fun & Profit") response to it...

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