Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Oi Thump! Official Response to the U.S. Election

Ya know, I've spent a fair chunk of the last couple of years defending the U.S. during arguments with folks trying to put that country down. "Yeah," I'd say, "They're run by a real piece of shit, but it's not like he was actually elected properly." Fuck, I even felt embarassed when people booed the American national anthem. But that's all over. America, you really shit the bed on this one. You've gone and let foaming religious fundamentalists, greedy sneering media personalities, and people whose only way of interacting with other people is to try to frighten them get together and take over the most powerful government on the planet. Oh, and we can throw in the multinational corporations as well. You let them win. Now, if you actually voted for those fuckers, you're probably illiterate, so it's unlikely that you're reading this. No, this is for the rest of you. It's time for you to actually do something. Have a riot, try to impeach the dickwad, I don't care. But you'd better do something that shows that you have at least a vestigal spine, and do it fast, because otherwise you're going to find yourselves living back in medieval times, and dragging the rest of us down with you, and that's if we're all very lucky. Good luck, but you've got a hell of a mess, and I'm not drowning in optimism here.

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