Thursday, August 05, 2004


So, I'm desperately trying to come up with a topic for a Directed Reading course, to be done over e-mail with my supervisor in Italy this fall. So far it looks like something related to the Roman Economy in the 3rd Century A.D.

Not much else going on today. However:

Veteran cop charged

A 26-year-veteran of the Edmonton Police Service has been charged in connection with a shooting incident on the city's north side in March. City police launched the investigation after it was claimed an officer blinded with pepper spray opened fire on a fleeing suspect March 1 in the area of 128 Street and 129 Avenue.

Apparently the officer in question opened fire AFTER he'd been shot in the eyes with pepper spray. I'm sure his fellow officers appreciated a half-blind, panicked man blasting away in their immediate vicinity. On the plus side, under chief Bob there is no damn way this would have gone to court.

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