Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Hey Look! Misogynist Wankers!

"Misogynist" is one of those eye-roll words - you know the ones that produce instant exasperation in listeners who immediately assume that you are going to go off on some horrible anti-male rant drawn straight from the early 1990s. Well, that's too bad, because I'm going to toss that word about here, and in particular I'm going to toss it at a few people who IMHO deserve it. To begin with ladies and gentlemen, I give you Dave Sim...

The Onion A.V. Club's Interview with Dave Sim

I admit to having really enjoyed Cerebus when I was in high school; a friend of mine had trade paperback editions of the early issues, and I found them really geniunely funny. I collected the new issues for awhile, eventually stopping at about issue 106 due to lack of funds rather than any problems with the content or art. I always new (and who, reading Cerebus, coud not know?) that Dave Sim was probably a fairly odd guy, but it was only when reading the numerous articles that have sprouted up as the series nears its end that I realized what a nut-job he is. This guy has a visceral, physical, hatred of women, and like so many of his ilk, he's married (heh) it to an all-out martyrdom complex. The fact that he has an ego roughly the size of the moon doesn't increase his likeability any (As I said, I was fond of Cerebus, but when, in the interview above, Sim compared it to Crime and Punishment, the only reason I didn't blow coffee out my nose was because I didn't have any coffee). Nor does the fact that, again in the interview linked above, Sim starts out by being a shitstick towards the (female) interviewer on the very first question. She doesn't let him get away with it, which is encouraging. Anyway, the result of all this has been a certain sadness, but also a great deal of relief that I didn't waste more of my time and money on him. And, of course, extreme rage, as I tend to experience when I come across people who discriminate against women... More later.

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