Saturday, March 27, 2004

So, if you're American, youngish, male, under-employed and not particularly interested in highing thyself to university, you might want to circle June 15th, 2005 on the calendar. It may not turn out to be a very good day for you. Here's why...

The Coming Draft

By Connor Freff Cochran, AlterNet
March 25, 2004

In 1973, forced conscription ended in favor of an all-volunteer military. As the gap between the capacity of America's armed forces and the demands of current deployment widens, the likelihood of a reinstated draft grows.

Read it, it's a good article. Although it's not 100% certain that the draft will be reinstated, it could very easily happen, particularly as the summer of 2005 is a long way from the next election down there.

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