Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Excitement on Campus

U of A on alert after library stabbing

Edmonton - The University of Alberta has tightened security after a student was stabbed while studying at the library Tuesday.

Police are still looking for the three men who attacked the 19 year old.

Jerry Donahue, with campus security, says the teen was studying on the second floor of the Cameron library when he was attacked around noon.

Ye gods. Apparently the young victim walked across quad to Health Services, bleeding copiously, and yet nobody saw him and called 911. That's just wrong, in my humble opinion. Anyway, it all adds up to an upsetting day for the library staff (which, at that particular library, includes on of my soccer players). It also adds up to a bit more excitement than Campus Security probably needs, particularly as they're now going to have to catch the little bastards responsible. Since it doesn't sound like the attack was random, this probably shouldn't be too hard. It will all, hopefully, lead to a permanent increase in security at the library, where theft and, now apparently, attempted murder have become serious problems.

In other on-campus crime notes, there was a note in The Gateway's "Campus Crime Beat" this week that a young man had called Campus Security to protest that he had been spied upon in the Phys Ed locker room showers by an old man who had been vigourously 'pleasuring himself.' The note described the young man's state as "distraught." Now, I'm thinking that if the most upsetting thing that happens to you in a day is being wanked at by an old man, you're probably not having too bad a time. You could, for example, be being stabbed in Cameron Library!!

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