Thursday, February 05, 2004

Youth Shall Have Its After-Hours Club Update!!

Not really too much to report on this one. Jim Taylor got roundly pounded in the press (on both sides of the political spectrum, to be fair), to the point where he felt moved to write a defensive letter to the Journal claiming that he never said kids should be kicked out of downtown, no sirree, the very thought, ridiculous, taken out of context, harrumph, harrumph. If I might take this opportunity to remind people of this snippet from an interview with Mr. Taylor:

"I'm not trying to get rid of entertainment for youth," Taylor insists. Just keep it out of downtown, right? "That's right."

Anyway, it's rather nice to see people ganging up on the arrogant, greedy little prick. I suspect and devoutly hope that he regrets ever opening his mouth on the issue.

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