Monday, February 09, 2004


Well, yesterday turned out quite well from a soccer standpoint. The Disciplinary Board accepted our explanation for the incident, and that, combined with the fact that we had obviously obtained no benefit from it, let us off scot-free. We then got to sit and watch some of the major-league boys get it on, and saw one unbelievable match. Edmonton Scottish defeated Edmonton Victoria 4-3 on very literally the last kick of the game - so close that the referees had to confer on it before the goal was given. The result warmed my heart, as I had a rib broken by a cheap shot from a Victoria player a few years ago.

On the down side, my friend about whom I complained a week ago is still not doing well, although she's pretending to. God, I hope things turn upward for her. Fortunately, her parents are coming for a visit in a few days, and she'll more visitors later in the month, so maybe that will pick her up. In the meantime I can really only watch and hope.

Anyway, D&D tonight. There will be more interesting content soon.

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