Friday, February 06, 2004

Our little soccer team is nothing if not consistent. We started the first half of the season by losing twice, winning once, and then drawing. Given that the second half had begun with two losses followed by a win, a draw seemed to be on the cards. Anyway, for the first time this year we had a full bench, and a result set to play like shit. Like, we had maybe two players (including one of my all-star defenders, the one who got 'lost' last week) who were performing well, and thus it was no surprise at all when the oppo took the lead. A shot came back off the boards, the rebound was converted well, and it was 1-0. Gradually we started to get back into the game, although things were still pretty shambolic, and their 'keeper was compounding our difficulties by playing out of her skin. However, we equalized before the half was over, as a ball fell to one of our strikers (a woman we talk out of retirement every year) and she banked it in off the post. Into halftime all even, then, and I was confident that we'd come out and dominate the second. Instead, we were behind after mere moments. My other all-star defender made perhaps the first bad error she's made all year, and sprang one of their players on a breakaway. Our 'keeper had no chance, and once again we found ourselves behind. At that point, we did turn in and dominate. Chance after chance after chance started coming our way, but we couldn't seem to bury it. The Calgarian went down hurt, which caused heart flutters on the bench, but she recovered and returned to the game. Finally, in the end, one of their wingers clattered My Friend From PG, and down she went. She was a bit slow getting up, and the blue card came out for their winger. And, finally, on the power play, we got it done. The Calgarian, seconds after mashing one off the crossbar, got free again, and she was never going to miss two in a row. We promptly regressed, and spent the rest of the game clinging on, except for a couple of bright moments in the last minute. However, the final buzzer duly went, and the inevitable draw had occurred. In the end, I'll take it. We've got to play better next time out though.

Next on the soccer cards, unfortunately, is an appearance before a disciplinary board. Apparently, there was some 'irregularity' with a registration that we put in earlier this season. At best, this is going to be embarrassing, and at worst it's going to trash the team. If the latter, I'm going to be a bit pissed, since it comes as a result of The Coach playing fast and loose with the rules. However, I'll be mostly miffed with myself, since I knew he was capable of it, and did nothing to keep him on the straight and narrow. Anyway, I don't have to go to this hearing, since I'm only a lowly assistant, but The Coach has asked me to, and I think I will, not that I'll enjoy it (particularly since Sunday is usually a vegetate at home day). Hopefully the EDSA chooses to show mercy.

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