Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Mayor, councillor back police

Edmonton - The mayor and a city councillor are defending their police service and its chief, after allegations arose that a 20-year-old investigation into officers demanding sexual favours from prostitutes was shelved.

Mayor Bill Smith says he doesn't believe the allegations of misconduct, and that there is no evidence to back them up. Coun. Ron Hayter agrees, saying the Edmonton Police Service "has performed admirably over the years and provided exceptionally strong policing."

Uh, Mayor Smith, you lying little weasel, there is evidence. This whole situation has occurred because there is evidence, and the police force has performed admirably in covering it up. 23 different women complained that policemen were demanding sexual favours from them - that is evidence of misconduct, right there. And, Mr. Mayor, you do the long-suffering citizens of you city a great disservice when you do not aggressively investigate allegations that the fucking Chief of Police, for fuck's sake, used his position as cop to essentially commit rape (sorry, demanding sex from prostitutes because you're a policeman is rape in my book).

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