Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Computer Death Happening Soon!!!!

Virus Warning for Windows Users - Very Serious

Message added by Marc Perkel

Microsoft has yet another very serious security flaw that gives anyone with the right know how total access to your computer. I
don't know all the details - but it might be the biggest one yet. If you remember the SoBig and Code Red viruses last fall - this one
will similar in that it doesn't require you to get email for you to be attacked or hacked. Your computer can be hacked into and
viruses installed without you doing anything to cause it to happen.

I say "will be" because right now there is no virus - yet. But the flaw is there and it will be a matter of days before someone writes
a virus to take advantage of the flaw. And - your anti-virus software will have no effect. Microsoft has posted a patch and that is
how you protect yourself - download and install that patch.

Here's the link to Microsoft's Windows Update:

You must use Microsort Explorer to install it.

I am also asking that those of you who have blogs and newsletters and high traffic web sites post this warning on your front page
and include it in your newsletters. The best defense to this virus is to stop it before it begins. As you all know - this virus will affect
non-windows users in that the new viruses turn windows computer into spam robots and we are still getting the bounce messages
from the last virus. Let's see if we can stop this before it starts by first - patch your computer now - then - tell everyone to patch
theirs. You can cut and paste this warning into your blog or newsletter.

And there I was thinking I wasn't going to be able to come up with anything for Oi! Thump! today. I nicked the above, by the way, from Anyway, I did my Windows update this afternoon, so I should be relatively virus resistant for a few days at least.

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