Friday, January 30, 2004

So it was a rather odd soccer game last night. We've been hunting for a new goalkeeper, in order to allow the current one to play out and bring her formidable shot into play, and we finally found one in an older woman (like, she's 50 years old) who played a wee bit for us last year. She was more than willing to come back and play for us again, and this time she brought along her daughter, who's 17 and apparently an excellent player.

We got off to a terrible start. My two all-star defenders were back, but one of them's still semi-injured, and the other one just looked like she was lost. The oppo scored on us off a free-kick, before My Friend From PG (our ex-'keeper) scored with a typically powerful effort. Then they got another close-in free-kick, and buried it, and we went into the half down 2-1. In the meantime, however, I'd made progress in getting my "lost" defender back on track (mostly by getting her to start hitting people, which she seems to genuinely enjoy doing, and which brings out the best in her). We had a much better time of it in the second half. Our supremely talented young midfielder from Calgary (hereafter and forever known on this blog as "The Calgarian"), scored on a , for her, routine shot, and then MFFPG scored again, this time on a billiard shot off the boards that their 'keeper turned into her own goal (I felt for their goalie, I really did; she made some wonderful saves, and let in some awful goals. I've had games like that, and they just drain you). I was have expecting them to tie it back up, but instead we got some insurance through one of our more productive scorers with about three minutes to go. They put some pressure on us, but there was still time for their 'keeper to let in another horrible one, and we ran out 5-2 winners in the end.

A good result, after a two straight losses. Both our new 'keeper and her daughter looked awesome, and with MFFPG prowling around up front, we should be OK. However, the injury bug still lurks...

My old team was playing right after we finished up, and I nearly got drafted into playing goal for them, which would have been a blast, but with none of my gear there (and not being registered to play for them, besides), it didn't happen. Next time, maybe.

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